Due to my interest in digital innovation and user-centred design, the concept of online “Participatory Culture” is a central part of my theoretical studies. Therefore, my BA thesis focuses on the question “To what extent can brand-led campaign engagement on Instagram embody the ideals of meaningful online participatory culture?”. 
To evaluate the relationship between the brand, the user and the social medium effectively, I conducted extensive secondary research by exploring academic texts by media experts and futurists, such as Henry Jenkins, Christian Fuchs, Clay Shirky, etc. 
Moreover, I also applied a series of primary research techniques, such as expert and user interviews, quantitative data collection through a survey and content analysis.
The physical design of the thesis aims to create a digital environment for the reader without directly utilising any digital device to challenge the boundaries of the virtual and the “real” world. I created a total of six A5 booklets that showcase recurring square elements, which are inspired by the square-shaped dimensions of an Instagram post. Hereby, every booklet aims to represent one post in an Instagram feed.​​​
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